Saturday, March 12, 2011


Jackson loves coins, aka "money." It all started when a restaurant hostess gave him some pennies to throw in the fountain. Then we were at a store and I gave him a penny to put in a charity jar. Now he's asking for money all the time. He does good with them, never puts them in his mouth, however does like to put them in places... including the side vent in our tv. So... I made him this piggy bank. He likes it a lot, he played with it a bunch yesterday.

This picture is so him.

Jackson loves making faces at the camera.

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Nathan and Jessica Hadfield said...

That's funny! Brady loves "money" too and puts it in his bank whenever he can! The other day he was playing in my car and said the money was sleeping. I asked him where he put it and he showed me he put it in my car heater vent. He also put a pen in there and I can't get it out! :) Gotta love them!