Monday, August 16, 2010

Menu Plan Monday night

It's actually Monday and I'm posting my plan (even though the goal is to post Sunday night, I don't care though, as long as I get it planned).

Tues: Chicken artichoke casserole from Quick Meal Solutions book (we still haven't gotten to this)

Thurs: Pizza

Fri: leftovers

Sat: leftovers

Sun: TBA

Mon: T-bone steak & potatoes

Tues: BBQ Chicken & salad

Wed: Cowboy calzone (from Pioneer Woman Cookbook)

Thurs: Frozen Chicken Tetrazini (from Once a Month Cooking)

I requested a bunch of Make-ahead-cookbooks from the library last night. I want to do more freezer meals and make the night before meals. So I can make them when I have the time or at least try.

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