Monday, February 23, 2009

Couple things

I got to take some pictures of a friends new baby. His name is Brady and he is 3 weeks old here. He did so well for the photo's.

Just so I don't forget, in a couple months I want to remember this book. I saw it at the library and it has tons of good ideas for food. Hopefully, if I post about it here I will remember it.

And 5 weeks to go till the actual due date now! I'm getting anxious! This last Friday I was able to go to Hannah's doctor appointment with her. So I got to meet the doctor and hear the heart beat. Everything is going well still. The doctor was really nice and very helpful.

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Katey Meyer said...

Hey, you can definately take pictures of my kids...when I have them! LOL! Hope that you are doing great! I miss you a ton!