Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here's some pictures

We have been getting more snow off and on the last few days. Here is what our house looks like today. Really there isn't that much snow, but I'm happy because it's more than we got last year.

Since it's been so cold and with all the snow on the ground, kitty will not go outside. I have to force him out the sliding door and then he'll only stay out for like 10 mins before he's meowing like he's dying. So, he's been a little bored and stir crazy inside. He's been attacking the scratching post a lot lately.

Kaeli always yawns, but here she is in front of our tree.

We haven't decorated the tree yet. I'm thinking of waiting till Christmas Eve to do it.


Marilyn Goodrich said...

Awww, I'm always a sucker for pet pictures!! :-) Love your fabulous fireplace and that wall color looks exactly what I've been searching for! Do you remember what color that is????

Anonymous said...

It's fun to see your posts of the temperature and now the snow. I lived in Sunriver for 4 years and have a big place in my heart for Central Oregon. Now located in Lake Oswego, which looks like we have more snow that you. At last measure we had 13 inches of new on our patio. It snowed last week and then compresssed or dried and then the 13 came later. They are saying another 3-5 tonight (Tues 12/23). This is soooo NOT like Portland, as you probably know. Merry Christmas. Jackie M.

Corie said...

I just love your pictures!!!

Merry Christmas!!