Friday, March 16, 2007

I love to take pictures

I love that I can take as many pictures as I want with my digital camera, plus see them right away. It took me awhile to switch to digital, but once I did, I was so happy.

Today, I worked 4 hours, cleaned the kitchen, took Kaeli to the vet (she needed a bordatella shot), and I just took a bunch of pictures of my cat and of my craft room.

I am inspired from Ali's class to take pictures of everyday things, like my scrapbook room. I want to do a "then and now" scenario. So in a year or more, I will take more pictures of my scrapbook room and compare them. I am sure they will change a bunch. I also want to take pictures of where I work now. Since I’ll only be in my “temporary” job four more weeks, I think it is important to document it. I call it my temporary job because I resigned (aka retired) from my job as a fire inspector. I retired before I knew about Stampin’ Up! (SU). I had no plans of doing any work for a little while. So I find it funny that I already found something before I’m even done working. However, even though it wasn’t planned, I think it is perfect. SU gives me an outlet to be creative. I’m excited that I’ll be able to “pretend” watercolor. You can just stamp an image down and then color it in with the Aqua Painter and it looks like a watercoloring. It’s so cool.

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